Bail Application

What Does Bail Application Mean?

Bail ensures the release of an accused or arrested individual, on the condition that he deposit or pledge a security amount or an equal collateral specified by the court. This allows the accused individual to appear in court only when ordered. A bail application is a written undertaking or promise to appear for a hearing on a date decided by the court. A court can grant you bail during any stage of the trial. A bail allows you to go home and wait for your court hearing rather than remain in custody.

What Are The Different Ways To Get A Bail Application?

  • The court allows watch-house bail for a minor offence in which crime suspects are placed under temporary arrest. Only to appear in court on a specific date when you can apply for bail extension.
  • If you are denied watch-house bail, you have the option to directly apply for bail in court. If approved, you will be released on the condition that you regularly report to the nearest police station.

The most experienced Criminal Defence Lawyers can help you with the procedural formalities for getting a bail application.

How To Apply For Bail?
The best way to apply for a bail application is to seek the expertise of a resourceful lawyer. A minor offence may entail you to remain in custody till the day of the hearing. That’s when a bail application comes in handy. It allows you to remain at home until you are called for the next hearing. Our team of highly trained lawyers will assist you in securing bail applications. For more information, get in touch with our top criminal defence lawyers in Perth.

How Can Lawyers Help You Get Bail?

Maintain Consistency With Existing Bail Conditions
There are several pre-existing conditions for getting a bail application. The best a lawyer can do is to rely on these set conditions.

Provide In-Depth Consultation
A face-to-face meeting with the lawyer will help you chart out the best possible way to handle a bail application.

Adopt The Normal Procedure
Under normal procedures, the lawyer can help you get released on bail however stringent the conditions are.

Without a doubt, our team of Criminal Defence Lawyers in Perth will help you reach a plausible conclusion in the shortest possible time.

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