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Who Is Guilty Of Robbery?

According to Section 392 of the law, “Any individual who steals an item and threatens to use violence against another person or property, to obtain the item being stolen or to prevent or overcome resistance to its being stolen, is considered guilty of the crime of robbery.”

Services Offered By Robbery Lawyers In Perth:

  • By getting in touch with any good Robbery Lawyer in Perth, you could easily discuss your case in greater detail to understand the various implications.
  • Book an appointment with the lawyer well in advance according to your convenience, thereby giving the lawyer sufficient time to study your case.
  • Any lawyer will review the available documents and advice you on the best way to approach the case.
  • A lawyer will indicate all possible directions the case can take and make suggestions on how your case can be fairly concluded in the eyes of the court.

For the most satisfying legal counsel, it’s better to seek the capable services of an experienced Robbery Lawyer in Perth who can represent you in court throughout the legal process.

Why You Need The Services Of A Robbery Lawyer In Perth?
If an individual has been accused of robbery, it’s an offence that’s taken seriously by the court. Professional help is always the best way to deal with a case of robbery. Proper representation by any good robbery lawyer is the best way to tackle any kind of robbery case.

Make sure to wrap up your case in court in the most favourable manner as the legal implications of your case can affect your career opportunities. It’s advisable to seek the assistance of our team of Criminal Defence Lawyers for the best possible results.

Elements Of The Offence:

The different aspects that fall under this offence include:

Stealing: When an individual acquires another’s property fraudulently or by force, with or without their consent, with an intention to deprive the owner of their property, the action is deemed as stealing.

Violence: It signifies an unlawful assault or the threat of assault including the threat of violence also, to that person or another person.

Resistance: It is defined as a person’s unwillingness or reluctance to accept another person’s intent. In this case, resistance is the reluctance of the victim to allow the item to be stolen.

Possible Ooutcomes:There are several possible outcomes linked to this offence and some of them include a prison sentence, conditionally suspended imprisonment, suspension, intensive supervision order, community-based order, conditional release order, fines and penalties. You might even be considered not guilty with the assistance of a great lawyer and the charges against you can be dropped. For more information, feel free to contact our efficient team of Criminal Defence Lawyers in Perth.

Possible Defences:

The various possible ways to defend yourself in court against a robbery offence could be to plead the circumstances of the following:

  • Consent – that the victim gave consent to acquire the disputed item.
  • Accident – that the action of the accused was an accident.
  • Insanity – that mental depravity caused the person to commit the act.

To deal with any kind of robbery offence, do get in touch with our experienced team of Criminal Defence Lawyers in Perth for the best possible solution.

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