Dealing With Police

How Should You Deal With The Police?

When you have to deal with the police, there are some essential points you have to remember. Make sure you answer honestly and accurately whenever you are approached by a police officer. Offer all the assistance you can with any kind of query they might have. Most importantly, an individual needs to understand their specific rights before even talking to the authorities.

What’s The Purpose Of A Police Investigation?
The police interrogate you in a particular case in order to collect all the evidence they can before you appear in court. During questioning, a police officer takes down notes and documents all your answers. They might even record the whole procedure on audio or video to produce it later in court if required.

Points To Follow When Dealing With The Police Here Are Some Basic Rights You Should Know:

  • When approached by the police, allow them to make the opening statement before you say anything.
  • You need not provide extra information than your name and address initially.
  • You can go to the police station yourself unless you are being taken into custody.
  • If you are an individual under 18 years of age, it’s better to be accompanied by an adult during a police interview.
  • You need not give consent to undergo a forensic procedure until the police have a legal order from the court.

For all your queries regarding dealing with the police, you can approach our accomplished team of Criminal Lawyer Perth. They will help you understand all the fundamentals required.

How To Prepare For A Police Interview?

If you are called up for an interview with the police, make sure you schedule an appointment according to your convenience. Before you appear for a police interview, prepare yourself the right way by seeking advice from a good lawyer.

  • Our experienced Criminal Defense Lawyers in Perth can give you the right advice on how to handle yourself while being interviewed.
  • They will offer you the key points to keep in mind while answering different questions posed by the police.
  • In case, you have been taken into custody, a lawyer’s helping hand is the best way forward.
  • A good lawyer will guide you with signing the required documents and other written statements.
  • Hence, if you have to deal with the police for any kind of case, get in touch with our team of Criminal Defense Lawyers in Perth. They will help you find the best possible solution.

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