Character References

What Does Character Reference Mean?

A character reference is defined as the informed view of an individual with detailed descriptions. This is usually prepared before appearing in a court of law. According to the court, it’s mandatory that these character references be original, well-typed, signed and dated. It is also called a reference letter as it is useful in describing the case.

What Are The Primary Details In A Character Reference?
A character reference helps to define a person’s character through unique details and mannerisms. The following are some of the details covered in a character reference:

  • How long have you known the person and are you currently in touch?
  • Have you discussed the offence with the person in detail?
  • Have they committed a crime before?
  • Describe the character of the person in detail and their general reputation in society.
  • Describe the individual’s background with details about their family, education and employment history.

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Key Points To Focus On In A Character Reference:

A character reference presented in court must follow certain conditions:
1. The reference letter should be typed neatly and legibly on a letterhead
2. It must be signed and dated accurately.
3. The reference letter should be addressed to the judge presiding over the case in the concerned court.
4. It should address the presiding judge with all due respect.

How To Write Good Character References?

  • It’s better to hire the services of a good criminal defence lawyer if you need help with character references.
  • Irrespective of the crime, a well-written and carefully-prepared character reference can go a long way in deciding the verdict of the case.

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