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What Is A Restraining Order?

A restraining order is a type of court order that can protect someone from being physically or sexually abused, threatened, stalked or harassed. These type of orders are usually on a temporary basis or a permanent basis that can even mean a lifetime. This official court order instructs a particular individual to stay away from another or commands the offender to put an end to their behaviour towards the victim.

Types Of Restraining Orders:
There are two types of restraining orders:

  • The first kind of restraining order could be against a family member or person with whom you are in a domestic relationship.
  • The second kind of restraining order could be against a person that is neither a family member nor someone you are in a domestic relationship with.
    These kind of restraining orders can result from domestic violence which probably includes physical violence, emotional violence, psychological abuse or sexual abuse. Therefore, a child under the age of ten is not legally bound to any violence restraining order, according to the law.

All other offences which fall under the same gamut of this crime include matters such as stalking, hurting pets, assaults, threats, damaging property, causing physical injuries, offensive behaviour or even any kind of emotionally abusive behaviour are also considered guilty under the restraining order.

Services Offered By A Restraining Order Lawyers In Perth:

Get in touch with a good restraining order lawyer and discuss the finer details of your case. A proficient criminal lawyer Perth can provide valuable assistance on the best legal move you can make. After in-depth consultation with a lawyer, he will advise you with all the court proceedings and how to conduct yourself in front of the jury.

Remember to schedule an appointment in advance. Spending enough time with the solicitor according to your convenience can help your case by leaps and bounds. It gives lawyers a good chance to analyse all aspects of the specific case and understand all your circumstances.

For the most positive legal advice, you need to hire the services of a restraining order lawyer in Perth who can act on your behalf and represent you in court. For more information, get in touch with our experienced team of Criminal Defence Lawyers in Perth who can assist you with the best possible outcome in any restraining order case.

Possible Outcomes:

Once you have been slapped with a restraining order of any kind, you may request for a Mentions Hearing or a Final Order Hearing. Get proper advise from a lawyer on how to deal with both the hearings.

In a Mentions Hearing, the Magistrate might examine if there are any chances of settling the case without taking it to the Final Order Hearing. After hearing the case, if the judge decides that’s possible, any good restraining order lawyer in Perth can help you settle the case with a Mutual Undertaking Agreement.

In case, a resolution has not been reached by a mutual agreement, then the case is transferred for a Final Order Hearing.

For more information on restraining orders, you should touch base with our highly trained team of Criminal Defence Lawyers in Perth who are experienced in dealing with such cases.

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