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Who Is A Public Order Lawyer?

Public order lawyers are professionals who deal with any offence related to public orders. Which are the kind of offences that are related to society and community. Usually such offences are not considered to be serious or causing any harm. Public orders are given with an intention to uphold the rights and maintain the living standards of the citizens of this country. Although a public order offence is not that serious, it can have serious implications for you in future.

What Are The Various Aspects Of Public Order Offences?

Breach Of Peace
Breach of peace signifies disturbing the peace or causing an unsettlement of proper order in a public space through an individual’s actions. Any argument or scuffle or fight that causes loud noises also falls under the gamut of public order offences. A good public order lawyer in Perth will be able to give you sound counsel in such cases.

Drunk And Disorderly
It is a legal offence caused by an individual that causes disturbance to the public and society on account of being drunk or being under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs or banned substances of any order.

Any kind of harassment be it verbal, physical, domestic or sexual, is considered a crime and is not taken lightly by the court.

Violent Disorder
The kind of offence in which a group of three or more people threaten to use violence and their actions cause fear to another person or another group or society as a whole.

Our well-versed team of experienced Defence Lawyers are adept at handling such cases. Give us a call to discuss how we can offer you the best posible services.

How Do Public Order Lawyers Handle Such Cases?

  • A good public order lawyer in Perth can help you in any situation. They have the experience to tackle any kind of public order offences.
  • In many instances of public order offences, you can find a plausible conclusion to the case without even taking it to court. An experienced lawyer can always guide you through the legal pathway necessary.
  • The best criminal defence lawyers in Perth deal with a magnitude of such cases and they can advise you on the best way forward.
  • A skilled lawyer will work to negotiate the minimal penalty possible and reduce your punishment as much as possible.

For more information, please get in touch with our highly trained team of Criminal Defence Lawyers in Perth who can assist you with any kind of public order case.

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