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What Is A Criminal Trial?

In a criminal trial, a jury has to examine the available evidence to reach a conclusion beyond a reasonable doubt. A trial is primarily considered to be the prosecution’s chance at obtaining a guilty verdict for the defendant. It also presents the defence with an opportunity to counter the prosecution and prove them wrong on all charges. After hearing both sides of the argument, the jury will reach a final decision after careful thought and consideration.

What Are The Basic Phases Of A Criminal Trial?

Jury Selection
The opening step of any criminal trial is to select a suitable jury that will do justice to the case. The most experienced Criminal Defence Lawyers in Perth might be a part of the jury. Based on their answers regarding questions asked about the specific case, the judge selects the final jury.

Opening Statements
When the trial commences, both the prosecution and the defence is allowed to make their opening statements which will set the stage for the legal proceedings to continue.

Closing Statements
When the trial comes to a close, like in the beginning, both the prosecution and the defence is allowed a chance to make closing statements. These concluding statements will be the basis on which the jury comes to a decision.

Jury Instruction
During this phase of the trial, the judge informs the jury about the legal standpoints which govern the specific case. Whether the defendant is guilty or not has to be decided within the framework of these laws.

Jury Verdict
This is the last step in a criminal trial when a jury reaches a final verdict and informs the judge about their decision. Consequently, the judge has to ultimately announce the verdict openly in court.

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Get A Legal Review Of A Trial Case.

At any point during the criminal trial process, the case might take a different course. Therefore it becomes imperative to hire the services of an experienced criminal trial lawyer in Perth to take care of all uncertainties that might arise.

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