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Who Is Considered Guilty Of The Firearms Law?

According to section 68 of the law, “Any individual who is or pretends to be armed with any dangerous or offensive weapons or similar instruments which is likely to cause fear in any other person is considered guilty of a crime.”

What Services Can A Weapons And Firearms Lawyer In Perth Offer?

When you seek the qualified services of a weapons and firearms lawyer in Perth, you are in safe hands. You can discuss your case in detail and understand the various consequences. Armed with the perfect advice, you will be able to make a confident stand in court under any circumstances.

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A proficient solicitor will take all things into consideration before advising the next best legal move. He will ensure the best possible outcome whatever the severity of your case.

For the sound legal advice, you can seek the assistance of any good weapons and firearms lawyer in Perth who is experienced in dealing with such kind of cases.

Key Aspects Of The Offence:

Armed: It means having possession of a weapon or any other similar instrument that can cause fear in another person.

Dangerous Instruments: It includes any item that can be used dangerously as a weapon like a knife or a gun. It also includes unconventional weapons like a broken bottle.

Circumstances Causing Fear Among Others: This aspect of the law is concerned with the circumstances leading into the particular offence about how a specific weapon was used. If the accused actions’ caused fear or harm in any other person, he is considered guilty of a crime. It will do you good to consult an experienced Criminal Defence Lawyer.

Possible Defences:

It can be proved that the accused held a weapons license and hence the lawful possession of the firearm.

If a person holding a weapon in his possession where the intentions were honest and honourable, he is not responsible for an action or omission that caused fear in another. In some instances, it might so happen that the item in your possession is not a dangerous weapon or you were armed with a dangerous weapon but not with the intention to cause fear in another person.

Possible Outcomes:
The possible outcomes linked to a weapons and firearms crime includes a prison sentence, conditionally suspended imprisonment, suspended term of imprisonment, intensive supervision order, community-based order, conditional release order, plus other fines and penalties. The positive outcomes possible are you might be tried and found ‘not guilty’ or your charges could be dropped respectively.

To clarify all the questions you have, it’s better to seek the assistance of our highly trained team of Criminal Defence Lawyers in Perth for the best possible solution.

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