8 Action Steps To Take When Dealing with Employee Theft

April 22, 2024    criminaldefencelawyersperthwa
8 Action Steps To Take When Dealing with Employee Theft

Employee theft is a serious concern for any organisation. It can take place in different forms. At times, it is something as simple as an employee stealing from the cash register. At times, it can also be about something critical like stealing sensitive company data. A theft crime lawyer Perth recommends following 8 action steps to deal with this issue in your firm. Check them out in detail.

1. Arrange Strong Evidence

Start looking for concrete facts and documents that will help you prove the theft. After collecting the necessary documents, you should maintain a chain of custody to ensure no evidence is tampered with. If you have surveillance cameras, you can also try to look for video evidence.

When you can preserve evidence, it will help you in preparing a detailed investigative report. This report will help you proceed with subsequent legal actions.

2. Create a Secret Tipline

The other people working at your organisation might have witnessed an employee stealing. But they are less likely to come forward and report because they might think it’s not safe for them. In that case, creating a secret tip line will encourage people to come forward to report theft without having to reveal their identities and compromise their safety.

3. Have a Conversation with the Employee

Lawyers often recommend having a one-on-one conversation with the employee. But don’t accuse them of stealing during the conversation. If they admit to stealing, you can consider asking them to explain themselves during your discussion.

Try to be polite to make the employee feel comfortable. If they are at ease, they are more likely to reveal why they have gone down the path of stealing. They might say it was because they needed some extra money, or they did it because someone threatened them.

Depending on their explanation, you can decide how you want to proceed. For instance, you might refrain from pressing charges and simply give them a warning when you hear their side of the story.

4. Make the Employee Take a Polygraph Test

If you think your employee is still lying, ask them to take a polygraph test. They have nothing to lose if they are telling you the truth. But they might say ‘no’ to you when they have something to hide. However, you cannot force the employee to take a polygraph test.

5. Consider Terminating the Employee

If you catch an employee stealing red-handed, you will feel like terminating them. But terminating someone from your organisation can be a legal nightmare. So, it’s best to follow the guidelines of a robbery defence lawyer.

They will ensure that you aren’t neglecting company policies to terminate an employee. Moreover, a legal professional can help you address issues related to contracts, bargaining agreements, and more.

6. Inform the Police

If you want to press charges against the employee, you should report them to the police. A police report will be necessary to get insurance money against your stolen goods.

7. Clear the Final Paycheck of the Employee

A criminal appeal lawyer Perth will recommend you not deduct anything from the paycheck of the employee. Even if you are planning to terminate the employee and press charges based on concrete proof, refrain from deducting anything from their salary. Remember that it might not be legally permissible in your area to cut a chunk of your employee’s salary to make up for your losses.

8. Avoid Defaming the Employee

Even if you catch an employee stealing red-handed, you can’t defame them in public. You don’t want the employee to bring up a legal notice against you for defaming them. You should also avoid discussing the issue with other people in your office.

Additionally, you can’t detain them even when you have solid proof that they stole something. Remember that false imprisonment is illegal, and the employee can bring charges against you for it. Moreover, detaining the person might involve an element of personal danger.


In conclusion, addressing employee theft requires a multifaceted approach that combines communication, and proactive measures. By implementing the eight action steps outlined in this guide, businesses can protect their defenses against theft, and promote a culture of accountability and integrity within the workplace. From establishing clear policies and procedures to technology for monitoring and detection, each step plays a crucial role in safeguarding against the harmful effects of employee theft.

By getting in touch with an experienced lawyer, you will be able to ensure that the employee receives adequate punishment for theft.Moreover, legal professionals might be able to help you set the right policies for preventing theft in your organisation.

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