Can A Drug Offence Lawyer Help You If You Intend To Sell Or Supply Prohibited Drugs?

April 5, 2023    criminaldefencelawyersperthwa
Can A Drug Offence Lawyer Help You If You Intend To Sell Or Supply Prohibited Drugs?

Illegal drug selling or buying is a dreadful criminal offence. Hence, being proven guilty of any such crime can get you to jail. In this aspect, only drug offence lawyers can guide you and save you from trouble.

Therefore, the job of a lawyer is not to suborn perjury. He or she can provide you with complete guidance and minimise your punishment. If you made a mistake by intending to sell the prohibited drugs, the lawyers in Perth could release the burden from your head. You can feel free to seek any services regarding legal assistance.

The acquisition can cause damage to your wealth as well. It can lead to the forfeiture of property. Hence, do not hesitate to consult a lawyer before taking any step further. The blog will guide you on the overall services provided by criminal lawyers.

Everything About Prohibited Drug Supply

If you are not familiar with the topic, first understand what prohibited drugs are. The following questions will answer all your queries regarding this.

1. What Are Prohibited Drugs?

The drugs that are banned from a particular region are called prohibited drugs. Drugs such as psychoactive drugs, steroids, or other drugs that are usually taken for addiction can be accounted for in this specification.

2. Why Are Prohibited Drugs Illegal?

Drugs that are prohibited cause internal damage to the human body. They are considered harmful and a waste of money for the public. Hence, not only the consumption but also involvement in the supply cycle is against the law.

3. What Is Drug Supply?

Supply of drugs means passing the banned drugs to someone else. The act of selling them or giving them away is also considered a criminal offence in Australia. Usually, the drugs are supplied with two mediums. One is a friend-to-friend supply at a party. Another one is the act of smuggling from one region to another that involves a group of people.

4. What Is Possession?

Possession is the act of getting caught by police when you are in possession of drugs. This applies when the drugs that are with you do not belong to you. Also, unprescribed drugs can get you in trouble with this. The number of drugs and their types would decide your punishment for this offence.

These are the necessary knowledge you must gain before understanding the amount of your guilt. If you know your responsibility, you also can analyse the potentiality of the penalty you can get for such an offence. Then, consulting a criminal lawyer in Perth will make the work easier for you.

Why Intend To Supply Or Sell The Banned Drugs Illegal?

Intending to supply or sell drugs is also a consequential offence. Here you are causing harm to the person you are selling or supplying the drugs to. Moreover, your intention may not be to gain profit, but a simple friend-to-friend supply is also illegal.

In this aspect, you are the controller of the possession. Hence, the conviction for intent to sell or supply has to prove

  • You were a part of the possession.
  • You had control.
  • You supplied this to someone.

Apart from that, your physical involvement is not necessary. If you ever attempted to get involved in this cycle, you can easily be charged. In this prospect, little to no evidence can also get you accused of an offensive attempt. Such as

  • Drugs paraphernalia which means the packers of bags of drugs.
  • Emails, text messages, and even proof from call records.
  • CCTV footage.
  • Unexplained income evidence.
  • List of names.
  • Money owed.

Any of this equipment can be used to prove that you are guilty. It also demonstrates that you were involved in the attempt even though you did not actively participate. Hence, without your direct involvement, the court can prove you guilty. Also, the drug offence lawyers will always be in your defence.

What Penalty Can An Accused Person Of Prohibited Drug Supply Get?

The elasticity of punishment depends on the severity of the sin. For instance, the quantity and minority, as well as the time limit, are the factors that decide your punishment. If you are a minor and involved in a drug supply, then the penalty will not be as severe as the punishment of an adult person.

However, for adults, the punishment of a drug accused can be a huge deal. In both cases, its consequences can be immensely harmful and impact negatively on lives. In case of possession with intent to sell the drugs can cause you punishment according to the following mentions.

1. Class A Drugs

Class A drugs are lysergide (LSD), Heroin, amphetamines, ecstasy, magic mushrooms, cocaine, and others. These drugs are treated as the most harmful drugs of all. The drugs slow down the nervous system and lower the functions of the human brain. Class A drugs are highly addictive that can cause physical dependence. Consequently, the overdose has caused various deaths worldwide.

Hence, in Australia, the person who is involved in selling such drugs can be punished with life imprisonment. It is considered a high-level community order of offence range with sixteen years of custody.

2. Class B Drugs

Amphetamines, barbiturates, methamphetamine, codeine, and others fall in the category of group B drugs. These drugs are also no less as they cause loss of appetite. Moreover, it also causes problems in breathing if overdosed.

Therefore, if you are accused of the charge of supplying class B drugs, then you can be under 14 years of custody. It also can impact your wealth. The offence can cause unlimited fines.

3. Class C Drugs

The class C section of the drugs includes temazepam, anabolic steroids, Cannabis, valium, methylphenidate (Ritalin), ketamine, and γ-hydroxybutyrate (GHB). It can cause dizziness and drowsiness. You can feel weaker and unsteady. Moreover, it would make you feel lightheaded and clumsy. Consequently, you will be driven to fall.

Hence, the punishment can be a maximum of 14 years of custody. Also, you can be charged unlimited fines.

Apart from these, the culpability and harm caused by the offender will also be taken into consideration. Here your part in the offence and the damage caused explicitly by your side will be judged.

4. Leading Role

If somebody has played the leading role in the offence, that means they have directed the entire cycle. They are the buyers of the products. They have a close link with the drug source. They are the central planner as well as the major cause of the entire harm and addiction.

5. Significant Role

The significant role is none less than the leading role. The significant part players are the ones who are directly navigated by the intentions of the leader. They are the direct connectors of the other suppliers. Hence, if a significant role player is caught, the entire supply chain would be greatly impacted.

6. Lesser Role

The one who has played the lesser role has limited knowledge about the group. They are just the external members of the supply chain. Also, they are the receiver of very less financial advantage. Perhaps, they have only been linked in delivering the pieces of stuff or increasing contacts.

Therefore, the kind of role you may have played in the offence for which you have been accused decides the amount of punishment you can get. The guilt of playing the leading role can be the most harmful for you. If a minor gets caught, it can destroy his or her academic life as well.

So, Can It Not Be Fixed?

Yes, it can be fixed to ascertain the extent. You can receive major support from the criminal defence lawyers Perth if you have committed such crimes.

How Can The Defence Lawyers Help You With The Intended Supply Of Prohibited Drugs?

The criminal lawyer Perth is associated with the drug offence lawyers who provide expert advice to a person who is accused of being guilty of any such offence. As discussed before, drug-related offences are heavily impactful on your reputation as well as your wealth. Therefore, you can seek help from a lawyer to minimise the amount of compensation or punishment.

Experienced criminal defence lawyers can help you in the below-mentioned segments.

  • To ensure your part of the employment does not get any ill-treatment.
  • To assist you with how to tackle this issue on court.
  • To reduce the jail terms to as few as possible.
  • To find you an adequate rehabilitation program if deemed necessary.
  • To help you communicate with the legal community regarding your charges.

Thus, if you have ever been involved directly or indirectly in drug trafficking, the lawyers can provide you extraordinary support in getting out of the situation. They would ensure lower your suffering and reduce the penalty.

In Conclusion

Supplying or intending to sell prohibited drugs can get you in huge trouble. Hence, if you are still clueless about what you can do to protect your reputation and money, then criminal defence lawyers Perth can introduce you to fruitful solutions.

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