Driving While Under the Influence of Drugs & Alcohol

October 31, 2023    criminaldefencelawyersperthwa
Driving While Under the Influence of Drugs & Alcohol

Drunk driving, often known as driving under the influence (DUI), is a serious crime for which offenders face harsh penalties. It is critical to realize how important it is to have knowledgeable drunk driving and drug offence lawyers handle your case if you are charged with DUI. These legal experts have expertise, training, and specialisation in DUI defense; they are equipped to handle the intricate legal system. On that note, let’s check out the potential dangers of drunk driving:

The Potential Dangers of Drinking and Driving

  • As you may have previously heard, alcohol greatly hinders judgment. Alcohol might cloud your judgment to the point that you make poor choices that you will later regret when you sober up or wake up.
  • For instance, when you are drunk, you might decide to drive home well above the legal limit, or you might realise that you shouldn’t be behind the wheel when you are feeling intoxicated.
  • However, the allure of having your bed, not having to wait for a ride or pay for one, overcomes common sense and caution, leading you to take control of the vehicle. This is a dangerous decision that could endanger you and other people legally as well as physically from driving while intoxicated.
  • Being drunk can impair your judgment and make you more likely to become distracted while operating a vehicle. Instead of concentrating on the road, you can text or view something on your phone.
  • Although even a small amount of alcohol can impair judgment and focus, at the same time, being intoxicated is not worth the risk because there are so many other activities that require your full attention. You must control your speed, stay in your lane, respect other drivers’ space and attention, and obey traffic signals. Alcohol can shorten your attention span, which makes it considerably more likely that you will have an accident.
  • When you have alcohol in your system, your body will respond to certain events more slowly. The chance of an accident will rise as a result of your impaired reaction time since you won’t be able to react to events as fast as you could sober. For example, instead of being able to react quickly, brake, and prevent an accident, you can run into the rear of someone who stops short in front of you or cuts you off.
  • Similarly, you might not have enough time to respond if an animal or, worse, a person runs onto the road. Alcohol impairs brain function, making it take longer for the brain to comprehend the situation and respond. The fact that drinking increases your risk of inattentive driving exacerbates this.
  • Not only will drinking make you less responsive, but it will also impair your hand-eye-foot coordination and other motor skills. Driving a car safely depends heavily on these coordination abilities, and if they are compromised, you run the risk of endangering both other people and yourself.
  • Driving safely depends heavily on having a clear vision, and drinking too much alcohol could hinder that vision. Drinking may cause your eyes to move independently or cause your vision to become blurry. It’s possible that you won’t fully regulate your eye movement. Your ability to evaluate the distance between your car and other cars or objects on the road may be affected by this vision impairment.
  • You may even lose your peripheral vision, which is crucial for safe driving. Generally speaking, your vision may be worse the more you’ve consumed alcohol. Do not drive after drinking if you find that your vision is foggy or you are experiencing any other eye-related problems, as you are prone to face penalties for drunk driving.
  • In addition to the increased danger of harming yourself or others, individuals who decide to consume alcohol and drive run the chance of facing severe penalties for drink driving in court.
  • When an officer pulls you over for suspected drunk driving, they will ask you to take a field sobriety test. You might then be required to take a breathalyser test as part of a BAC test which evaluates your judgement and motor abilities. You will be charged with DUI or DWI and taken to the local station for a night in jail if you fail this test.

Importance of Hiring Lawyers in DUI cases

Due to their extensive knowledge of laws and regulations regarding DUI charges, competent drug offence lawyers are highly recommended. DUI rules differ from one jurisdiction to the next, and they can also be complicated and dynamic.

An experienced lawyer who handles instances involving drunk driving will be aware of the most recent legal changes and comprehend how they relate to your particular circumstance. They will know the applicable local laws and the possible repercussions of a DUI conviction in your community.

Experts in Formulating Defense Strategies

The best drink driving lawyers in Perth are experts who are well-versed with updated information and the necessary knowledge to develop effective defense measures. They also believe in the facts presented to them, which they examine to determine whether or not they are to be arrested.

If not, they will look for other possibilities to retrieve you from your punishments through legal procedures. They are even ready to fight for you in the cases where you are found to be violating the traffic rules, caught heavily drunk through blood tests and breathalyzers, as well as the field sobriety tests that the law officers provide.

Your chances of winning your lawsuit might be greatly increased by having a qualified lawyer on your side. On your behalf, they can bargain with the prosecution to get charges or penalties for drunk driving dropped or alternative sentencing choices like community service or alcohol education classes. They could even get the charges against you completely withdrawn in certain cases.

Guidance Over Legal Procedures

The drug offence lawyers will also help you navigate the legal system, ensuring you fulfil all deadlines, submit all required documentation, and appear in court when needed. A lot of the anxiety and uncertainty of navigating the legal system alone can be reduced by doing this.


In conclusion, it is critical to hire skilled drug offence lawyers with experience in DUI defence if you are facing a charge of driving under the influence. The result of your case may differ significantly depending on their knowledge, abilities, and experience.

Drunk driving lawyers will provide you with the best opportunity to lessen the effects of a DUI arrest by developing a strong defense plan, navigating the legal system, and standing up for your rights.

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