How Can Someone Prevent & Detect Shoplifting in Australia?

December 21, 2023    criminaldefencelawyersperthwa
How Can Someone Prevent & Detect Shoplifting in Australia?

Shoplifting has become an irritating nuisance in retail and other products–selling business communities of the playful mischief of kids. Federal agencies report a 38% increase in shoplifting cases in Australia, backsliding to a similar state before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Keeping the details of the most experienced Perth criminal lawyers within reach is worthwhile to ensure the proper judicial procedure and the highest chance of getting justice. According to the observers, the offender is now unafraid to commit this crime without care, even in front of cameras.

However, it is a crime with established penalties in all legal senses.

What is shoplifting? Is it thievery?

Shoplifting is a form of fraud that occurs at retail establishments like branded shops or big-area supermarkets. The perpetrator acts like a customer, roams about the store, picks up and conceals an item, and goes away without paying. The action is intentional and can occur anytime a day. The culprits usually choose the afternoon, when the store remains empty, and can use their clothing, pockets, and even body cavities to hide the items. It can become a significant revenue loss source if left unchecked.

Shoplifting is theft because the offender pretends to be the customer and steals products from the shops. Therefore, one can consult an expert theft crime lawyer to file the most appropriate case against the wrongdoer.
Moreover, the lawyers can investigate other shoppers or people outside the shops to detect the shoplifter.

Additionally, a shop owner may need to submit a list of missing items.

What are the penalties if you get caught?

According to the law, an Australian citizen will have the legitimate right to arrest the offender if specific reasonable grounds exist about their involvement in committing the offense. However, they must responsibly deliver the suspected person to an officer of the law.

Moreover, the accused must know about their rights if they become suspects in shoplifting cases in Australia. As per the Australian police force, the citizens can only use reasonable force if they need to detain you. Otherwise, they don’t have any justifiable right to search anyone in person or on their property or charge any shoplifting fine without permission.

How do we detect and prevent shoplifting?

In Australia, shoplifting has become a common crime, accounting for 40% of reported yearly shop losses. Theft by customers has significantly increased every year. It now stands over 50% of lost revenue, as professionals and common persons have become involved in criminal activity – making them hard to identify.

Here are some actions shopkeepers can take to manage shoplifting events in their place of business:

Train and boost employees

The initial defense will come from the shop employees, so it will be fruitful to train them to spot potential shoplifters. One can train them to greet the customers as they come into the store and remain within acceptable reach of the customers, which can deter potential shoplifters. Regular tidying up of the shelves and good customer service will help spot any stolen item.

Moreover, the employees should be encouraged to pay special attention to customers trying to avoid the security cameras or showing nervousness. However, they should exercise caution as any difficulty will result in the loss of paying customers.

The store’s parent company should have clear guidelines in their shoplifting policy detailing the procedures to be followed when the employee checks a customer’s bag or catches a shoplifter.

Keep up with the inventory

The shop owner can invest in an effective retail management system to track and conserve the business’s inventory and identify the missing stock. Usually, potential shoplifters avoid stores where the staff are vigilant, the inventory is managed properly, and the product arrangement is well-organized.

Limiting access to changing rooms

The shop proprietors should pay special attention to the spots in the business area where the security cameras aren’t present, or the offenders can get chances to conceal the item before leaving the store. The dressing or the fitting rooms are one of the blind spots for the security systems, and ethical restrictions prohibit putting any surveillance equipment there.

The store owners can use and train their staff about the numbered tag systems as an operational solution for shoplifting. They can also consult an expert on surveillance and security systems about the most optimum positions before placing their cameras.

Fitting security tags on the products

Security tags are common in apparel shops; however, one can now find tamper-proof, easily installed security tags that resist forced removal.

Moreover, source tagging (applying security labels at the point of manufacture instead of the point of sale) is increasing, which frees retail workers to spend more time on consumer engagement. Additionally, it also provides constant security that fulfills the compliance standards.

Set up a viable security system

A court can impose penalties like a shoplifting fine on the perpetrator only when their offence is proved by CCTV footage or any other video surveillance systems. Installing a professional-grade video surveillance system that allows remote monitoring from any location and recording on command is better.

Your security system should include a commercial video surveillance system that allows remote security monitoring from anywhere. Surveillance plays an important role in internal and external theft prevention.

A security camera will allow you to track suspicious customers and identify people who have committed any criminal activity.


In shops, employee awareness and a non-invasive vigilant approach towards the customers will make for a more secure daily operation. For example, shoplifters pick up valuable yet small-sized, easy-to-carry items like jewelry or electronics.

So, keeping them under lock and key, displaying them in a well-guarded area, and letting the customers touch them only when someone from the store is present will help minimize shoplifting.

It is better to consult the most experienced Perth criminal lawyers to prosecute a suspected shoplifter or get effective representation in these cases.

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