Life in Prison for Shoplifting: Cruel and Unusual Punishment

January 12, 2024    criminaldefencelawyersperthwa
Life in Prison for Shoplifting: Cruel and Unusual Punishment

Shoplifting seems like a petty crime. But in Australia, the punishment for shoplifting can be quite severe. You might even end up behind bars for shoplifting in Australia. If convicted of shoplifting, you will have to hire the top criminal lawyers in Perth to get past the complicated legal procedure. Jump into this article to get an understanding of shoplifting punishments and how legal professionals can help.

Punishments for Shoplifting

If you are caught shoplifting in Australia, your punishment will be determined after assessing multiple factors. First, the value of the stolen goods will be analysed. The authorities will also look into your past criminal records before determining an apt shoplifting punishment.

Additionally, the circumstances surrounding the shoplifting event will be considered. You won’t be punished if you have a legitimate claim over the shoplifted object. Moreover, the absence of any dishonest means of stealing the object will also save you from punishment.

A theft crime lawyer can defend you in a shoplifting case if you did it out of threats. This means that you won’t be punished if you shoplift because you have no other option. While using duress as a defence, the lawyer has to prove that you shoplifted because not doing it would lead to serious harm to yourself or your loved ones.

Is Imprisonment a Punishment for Shoplifting?

You will end up in prison for shoplifting only if it’s a serious case. Repeat offenders have a high chance of getting imprisoned for shoplifting. Moreover, the use of weapons or being involved in an organized crime will increase the risk of imprisonment.

If you end up behind bars, the duration often depends on the value of the stolen goods. In case the value of the stolen goods exceeds $2000, you can be imprisoned for up to 10 years. But the maximum sentence length for shoplifting goods below $2000 is two years.

Other Charges for Shoplifting

If the case isn’t very serious, the punishment for shoplifting isn’t imprisonment. You can face the following types of shoplifting charges:

Fines and Penalties: The court of law often imposes fines and penalties on shoplifters. The fine amount will depend on the value of the stolen goods.

Criminal Record: Being involved in shoplifting can create a criminal record in your name. Even if you are released from custody, the criminal record will hamper your reputation. It might have an impact on your academic or professional pursuits in the future.

Store Detention: Stores have trained security professionals to deal with shoplifters and other criminals. If you are caught shoplifting, these professionals have the right to detain you until the police arrive.

Civil Demand Letters: Stores often send letters to shoplifters demanding compensation for the stolen items. If you receive a civil demand letter, you will have to compensate the store for the theft and any damage associated with it.
Store Ban: If you are caught shoplifting, the store might ban you from entering its premises. This can be a matter of inconvenience or social embarrassment.

How Can Theft Crime Lawyers Help You?

If you are accused of shoplifting, you should hire a robbery lawyer Perth to legally represent you. They will help you receive fair judgment in the case through the following steps:

Understanding the Case: Once you hire these professionals, they will begin by understanding your shoplifting case in detail. They will look into evidence and witness testimonies to assess your stand.

Developing a Defence Plan: The lawyers will work on creating an ideal defence strategy to reduce your punishment. They will question witnesses and challenge the legitimacy of evidence. Moreover, they will try to provide an alternative explanation and attempt to portray you as not guilty.

Negotiating Plea Bargains: The theft lawyers will be able to negotiate well for favorable plea bargains. Their legal knowledge will come to aid in preventing the case from going to full trial.

Representation at Court: If your shoplifting case gets dragged to court, the legal professionals will represent you. They will come up with substantial arguments to protect your interests.


The punishment and penalties for shoplifting can be grave. From store detention to serious consequences like imprisonment, there are quite severe consequences an accused might have to face. In this regard, it would be better to associate with lawyers like the criminal defence lawyers Perth who can offer support and guidance for shoplifting cases. They will assess your case, and make sure you receive the best support during such trying times. The experienced and knowledgeable lawyers will also make sure you get in-depth suggestions and guidance to sail through litigations.

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