What are the Main Challenges That Criminal Defence Lawyers Face?

September 12, 2023    criminaldefencelawyersperthwa
What are the Main Challenges That Criminal Defence Lawyers Face?

When it comes to being one of the top criminal lawyers in Australia, it’s never an easy job. All criminal lawyers have to deal with various cases where they have to handle severe and sensitive problems.

They also have to deal with cases that can lead to harsh consequences. Just like all the other areas of the law, practicing criminal law requires plenty of effort and time. They also have to be well aware and emotionally secure that their actions can completely change a person’s life.

Even the smallest mistake can make your law career go downhill. That’s why it’s extremely crucial to make the correct decision when working as a criminal defence lawyer.

What Challenges Do Criminal Defence Lawyers Face?

Apart from Dealing with Police or filing a lawsuit, criminal lawyers experience various other challenges you might not know. These challenges are:

1. Facing Difficulty in Managing Personal and Professional Life

The most common challenge many criminal lawyers experience is properly balancing their personal and professional lives.

Working as a criminal lawyer is not just crucial, but it’s also where you have to be extra careful with all the decisions and actions that you make. This means you have to be more focused and use more of your time and resources.

Due to such reasons, criminal lawyers do not get much free time for themselves and for their loved ones. If you don’t manage your job and personal life properly, it will affect you mentally.

2. The Misconceptions of Being a Criminal Lawyer

People working as criminal lawyers are well aware of the public views on them. They are known for defending the criminals, and even the general community, the victims and their families picture them as a burden to justice.

But that’s not all, the media and entertainment industry have also portrayed these lawyers as evil in all the movies and television series. But in reality, all these things are not at all true. In most cases, criminal lawyers also defend the innocent person.

Even when the person is at fault, the lawyer has a complete right to defend their clients in the courtroom.
But many people fail to understand this part and claim what these criminal lawyers are doing is wrong. All criminal lawyers will surely come across these things at some point in their lives.

3. Dealing with Demanding Clients

The clients might look innocent and possess the right to be defended by criminal lawyers, but that doesn’t mean they are not difficult to deal with. Criminal cases are extremely sensitive, and the clients might become overly emotional or will not cooperate at all.

At times, you will reach a certain point, where working with your clients will make you feel frustrated. This type of problem is not just experienced by criminal lawyers but also by other individuals who have a profession where they have to deal with clients.

4. Searching for Evidence

Evidence can either break or make a criminal case completely. Whether they are reports from an investigation, pictures, an alibi, or CCTV footage, you have to provide proper evidence that you can prove in front of the judge that your client is innocent.

But finding all the right evidence is more complicated. Many courts in Australia have restrictions when it comes to gathering all the evidence, which can hinder progress. As a criminal defence lawyer, it can force you to look for other evidence or face penalties.

5. Having Limited Resources and Time

Apart from all the other ethical issues lawyers face in the area of criminal law, having access to little time and resources is also something they have to deal with regularly.

Many don’t know this, but criminal lawyers work full-time, which is 20 hours to 40 hours per week. But there are some lawyers who work 80 hours every week, which is uncommon in Australia.

This is mainly because the lawyers don’t have enough resources or staff members to help them prepare for all the cases. That’s why they depend heavily on the freelance paralegals to help them do all the research.

6. Experiencing Trauma

Do you know criminal lawyers also experience trauma, or in particular, PTSD [Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder?] Even though this type of disorder mostly occurs in war veterans, you will certainly find criminal defence lawyers fall victim to this ailment.

These lawyers deal with very severe and sensitive cases, which can send a person to jail or might lead them to their demise.

Even when the lawyers do get to win the case, some of them start to question themselves like:

  • Did I make the correct decision?
  • Who deserved the punishment for the crimes?
  • Would it have been better to defend that individual?

All these thoughts can easily eat a person away, and you also need a good amount of perseverance and grit to deal with such things.

7. Operating a Law Firm

In Australia, the majority of criminal defence lawyers are part of a big law firm. But there are some lawyers who have a dream to have their own firm. Running your law firm can provide you with a high level of profits and offer outstanding business-related opportunities.

But just like all businesses, running a law firm also has its own set of responsibilities and risks. It might become a bit too difficult to take care of all the responsibilities and deal with the risks when running a legal firm.

Apart from dealing with all the criminal cases, you might have to worry a lot about running the business. The paperwork, finances, staff’s payrolls, and even the monthly rent are some of the things that you have to take care of when you operate your own law firm.

Things might be difficult for you to handle if you don’t possess the experience or knowledge of operating a legal firm.

Final Thoughts

Criminal Defence Lawyers have to deal with all kinds of cases, which include the most complicated ones. Apart from that, they also have to face various kinds of challenges, such as dealing with difficult clients, not having access to enough resources, and many more.

At times, it can be an uphill battle, but with determination, criminal lawyers will surely know how they can deal with all these challenges.

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