What Happens If You Steal In Australia?

January 23, 2023    criminaldefencelawyersperthwa
What Happens If You Steal In Australia?

Stealing is a serious offence no matter where you do it, whether it is in Australia or any other country. Larceny is something that involves theft or the unlawful taking of someone else’s private property by an entity or individual. Any larceny offence is serious, and the maximum penalty for that is five years imprisonment.

Many people who are caught stealing or involved in such cases often have to hire a theft lawyer. Lawyers have to be hired if you are a part of such cases. And it is also important to defend your legal matter. Though, the penalties for such a crime can be severe. There are various ways in which a case can be defended. Read this blog to learn more about theft in Australia and the types of theft.

What Is Known As Larceny?

It is known as the offence of property stealing without the consent of the author despite the item’s value. The term ‘larceny’ is also known as ‘shoplifting’, which means that you can steal property from the convenience or retail stores. One of the things that you must know regarding larceny is that there is no violence in it.

What Is The Difference Between Larceny Or Theft?

Though both of them include the same act of unlawfully taking other people’s property, they are not the same. This is regarded as an umbrella term for all forms of criminal stealing in Australia; they also include the following:

  • Fraud
  • Intellectual property theft
  • Robbery
  • Acquiring stolen property
  • Identity theft

In larceny, there is only the theft of physical property, and there is no other way of stealing. People who are caught in such acts usually hire a theft crime lawyer to defend them. Nevertheless, you should be aware of where to report fraud in Australia

Got Caught Shoplifting In Australia: What Will Happen?

As per Section 100 of the New South Wales Law Enforcement Act 2022, an Australian citizen will have the legal right to arrest you if there are specific reasonable grounds to believe that you have committed the offence. After this, they are responsible for delivering you and your property to a police officer.

It is also important to know your rights if you have been caught shoplifting in Australia by a citizen. Australian police state that Australian citizens can only use reasonable force in the case of detaining you. Other than that, the citizens cannot justify searching you in person or your property without any permission.

How Much Time Does It Take For You To Be Caught In Australia?

Any individual who an officer of the law charges after having committed theft or larceny. If any proper evidence is provided to the Australian police, such as CCTV footage, it will suggest that the individual has committed larceny. After this, the individual will be charged and also issued even a court attendance notice.

In terms of arrest, an individual can only be detained if caught committing an offence or moments after that. This indicates that a citizen’s arrest cannot be made in the next hours or even the days after that alleged offence.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Theft?

The different forms of theft are as follows:

1. Robbery

This is a form of theft involving violence, threats or intimidation to acquire property. This type of theft often involves carrying a heavier penalty compared to regular thefts, as there is a threat.

2. Armed Robbery

When a knife, gun or any other weapon is used during a theft in Australia, it is known as armed robbery. Many people also hire a criminal lawyer in Perth in such cases. But as there is the use of a weapon, there are harsher consequences compared to robbery. Depending on where you live, the sentence can range from three to eight prison years.

3. Embezzlement

This is considered the theft of assets by an individual who is trusted to keep those assets safe. This type of theft usually occurs in corporate settings and employment.

4. Shoplifting

This is a form of theft crime that involves stealing goods from any establishment. It is also considered to be one of the most common property crimes in Australia and other countries. Many people usually hire lawyers to fight for them if they are found shoplifting.

5. Fraud

It is a form of stealing that convinces the victim to surrender their money or property under false pretences. Fraud in Australia or even other countries is usually referred to as a “ white collar” crime and therefore, does not include any form of violence.

6. Acquiring Or Receiving A Stolen Property

In the state of California, it is not considered for an individual to either purchase, conceal or sell property that they are aware has been stolen. Therefore, the crime of getting stolen property may be as charged as a form of a felony.

7. Car Theft

This type of theft involves stealing or trying to steal a motor vehicle. This can also include buses, trailers, trucks, automobiles, trailers or other forms of motorized vehicles used for transportation.

Contact Criminal Defence Lawyers Perth If You Have Been Charged With Theft

If you have been charged with any kind of theft. Whether it is auto theft, shoplifting or fraud, you require the help of a lawyer. It is essential that, in such cases, you begin building your legal team. Associate with Criminal Defence Lawyers Perth to access the best lawyers. Who can provide you with legal aid and make the best defences for you.

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