What Is Cybercrime? How To Avoid Becoming A Victim Of Cybercrime?

August 9, 2021    criminaldefencelawyersperthwa
What Is Cybercrime? How To Avoid Becoming A Victim Of Cybercrime?

Though digital technology has brought several benefits to our lifestyle, there are many threats associated with it, too. Online fraud, identity theft, ransomware cyber-attacks, webcam hackers, and phishing all threaten a business and an individual. In this blog, we discuss cybercrime in detail and the steps you can follow to avoid these threats.

What Is Cybercrime?

The term ‘cyber’ relates to the digital technology field. And, the threats we have mentioned above are cybercrime. Since every person now saves their data on the computer, it is always recommended to protect that data from which scammers can make profits. But unfortunately, a significant number of people do not give it much attention. About 73% of users do not change their passwords at a frequent interval for their online accounts.

What Are The Types Of Threats?

By cybersecurity, we mean the integrated security of internet-connected systems, including software, hardware, and data from potential cyber-attacks. The types of cyber-attacks are as follows.

  • Webcam Cybercrime

Scammers hack web cameras for spying on the users when you will be dealing with Trojan horse attacks.

  • Cybercrime By Screenshot Managers

If you click a dubious link or download something from an unlikely source, screenshot managers take snapshots of the computer and commit cybercrime.

  • Cybercrime By Ad Clickers

If you get motivated by the ad clickers and click on the ad displayed by them, cybercrime may occur.

  • DDOS Attacks

These attacks are targeted chiefly towards e-commerce and business websites.

  • Online Identity Cybercrime

It means that an unethical hacker gets access to someone’s personal data illegally. It can occur if you communicate with the hacker over the phone or email and give them your private information.

How Can You Protect Your Data?

Here we discuss some effective methods that you may follow to protect your personal and business data. If you get in touch with any proficient criminal lawyer in Perth WA, they will also give you these tips.

  • Data Backup

You should consider backing up the vital business data and website information. It will be beneficial for you when you are looking to recover data you have lost after a cybercrime incident or any serious issue with the computer. It is important to regularly back up the maximum vital data and information. You will be happy to hear that you will not require a large amount of money to back up your data, and the process is also relatively easy.

You can plan your backup system into four types: daily backups to cloud storage or a portable device, weekend server backups, quarterly server backups, and yearly server backups. It is better to make data backup and check and test a habit. You can use encryption while transferring and storing the data in cloud storage and for access, use multi-factor authentication.

  • Securing The Network And Devices

You can follow these four steps for high security of the network and the device.

  • You Should Update Your Device Software

You have to design your security software and operating system to ensure automatic updates. Updates may include essential security upgrades to fight recently developed viruses and cyber-attacks. These updates can fix security issues, so you should never ignore any update prompt.

  •   You Should Install Security Software

To prevent infection by viruses and malware, you have to install security software on business computers and other devices. You should check if the software contains anti-virus, anti-spam and anti-spyware filters.

  • You Should Set Up A Firewall

A firewall is nothing but a piece of hardware or software placed between the internet and computer. It also prevents attacks from incoming traffic. If you set up a firewall, it will help you protect the internal networking system of your business. But, here also you should do regular checks on it. You should install a firewall on all portable devices.

  • You Should Keep The Spam Filters Turned On

Using spam filters will limit the number of phishing emails and spam received by the business. These phishing emails and spam are usually used to infect the computer using malware and viruses and steal private information. If your computer receives phishing emails or spam, you should permanently delete them. Installing a spam filter on the device will reduce the chance of receiving this malware.

  • Encrypting Important Information

You should always keep the network encryption turned on so that you can encrypt data while sending them online or store them. The data is converted into a secret code by encryption method, and thus it reduces any risk of destruction, tampering, or theft of data. You can turn the network encryption on through the router settings or by a VPN (virtual private network) installation on the device while you will be using a public network.

  • Using Multi-Factor Authentication

MFA or multi-factor authentication is a process of verification security where you have to provide two or more identity proofs to access your account. For example, you may have to give a password and a verification code the system authority has sent to you to access a particular system. Very naturally, with a multi-factor authentication or MFA, you will get an extra security layer that will make it difficult for attackers to access your device.

  •   Manage Passphrases

It is one of the most common tips you will get from almost every computer crimes lawyer in Perth. It will be best to use passphrases rather than passwords. It will also give you more walls of protection. The difference between the two is that, while the password is a single word, the passphrase is either a phrase or a group of different words. Humans can remember them, but machines will find it difficult to crack.

A passphrase should have a length of 14 characters. You should use capital letters, small letters, numerics to make it complex. Unpredictability is another good characteristic of a passphrase. And for different accounts, you should use different passphrases.


As your cybercrime is on the rise in recent times, you should always go for the best lawyer to help you protect the data. Criminal Defence Lawyers Perth WA is the top-rated lawyer firm that can help you get the best advice.

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