What Are The Reasons To Avoid Drinking Alcohol While Driving?

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What Are The Reasons To Avoid Drinking Alcohol While Driving?

Australians are considered a bunch of socially interactive people; they usually hang out with others and enjoy the beautiful weather around a barbeque. People usually have one or two drinks to celebrate certain occasions and events. Australians tend to know from a young age before driving that drinking and driving should not be mixed.

But most people are not aware of the consequences of drinking and driving. People often drink and drive to land in legal trouble; in such cases consulting with drink driving lawyers in Perth can prove to be beneficial. In this blog, you will be able to learn about the reasons to avoid drinking while driving and if hiring a drink driving lawyer is needed.

What Is Drink Driving?

Two major offences define drink driving; one is driving under the influence (DUI), and the other is going beyond the prescribed concentration of alcohol (PCA). Exceeding PCA is a common form of drink driving. PCA charges occur when you are caught during a police breath test or if there is a certain reading of alcohol concentration in your blood at a time.

Before hiring lawyers, you need to learn that the maximum blood alcohol concentration is 0.05% for full licence holders. For provisional and learner’s licence holders, any measure of alcohol can lead to a breach of licence conditions. You can face charges if the level exceeds 0.05%.

How Long Is It Safe To Continue Driving After Drinking?

There are various changes in blood alcohol concentration to give a proper answer. Whether you are a girl or a boy, your weight, type of alcoholic drinks, the time that passed and what you have eaten decide the rate at which you metabolize alcohol.

Taking supplements/medications, age and fitness can be considered factors too. No one in Australia wants to see the statistics of teenage drink driving increase other than the adult drink driving statistic. But criminal lawyers can help relieve you if you are confronted with problems due to drink driving.

What Is The Penalty For Drink Driving?

The laws and penalties can differ based on the state, and this is why it is important to ensure that you know about your responsibilities. If you are convicted of an offence, the court will decide the timeframe of your driving disqualification based on your history of drink driving, intoxication level, and if you had past accidents.

In some serious cases, you may even end up in jail, and if you lose your license, you may lose your job if it includes driving vehicles.

Some of the most important reasons why you should not drink and drive are as follows:

1. You Might Land Up In Jail

There is no one who likes the idea of going to jail, and for some people. They can hardly imagine being on the premises of a jail. But if caught drinking and driving, your next destination may be jail. If you cause harm to a person or property while driving your vehicle, you may serve more time in jail. Any fatality can increase your years in prison.

2. Your Insurance Premiums Might Increase.

Before you look for criminal defence lawyers, you must know that if you are caught while drinking and driving, the DUI conviction might affect your insurance premium. This is because insurance premiums are based upon the risk you take as a driver.

A driver who is at more risk of being involved in an accident needs to pay higher premium insurance. If you are caught driving while partaking in alcohol or while being impaired, the insurance company will view you as high risk, and the cost of your premiums will increase.

3. You May Lose Your Work And Professional Licence.

In most professions, being convicted of drink driving is a crime that can lead to termination of employment contracts or revocation of a professional license. This is even more likely if you are working in a reputed position at work or employed by a state or municipal government.

If you are a doctor, teacher, public figure, nurse, lawyer, or police officer, you will be at great risk of losing your job or license if caught driving under the influence of alcohol.

4. You May Have To Pay Large Fines Or Fees.

Though you can contact criminal lawyers in a drink and driving case, you should not drink and drive because of the fines. When you get a DUI, you will not only have to pay the cost of the ticket, but you may also need to sustain court fees, civil penalties, and fines and be forced to pay fees to get back your license.

5. Drinking While You Drive Can Increase Your Chances Of Being Involved In Accidents

This might be the biggest reason you should not drink and drive. When you drink and drive, the risks for accidents can increase, and you may risk causing yourself and others injuries.

6. You Do Not Desire A Criminal Record.

If you are found guilty of driving and drinking, the information will forever be on your criminal record. It can also be viewed by future employers and others needing a criminal background check. It can be costly to fend off criminal charges, and you may lose all future opportunities if convicted.

7. You Might Cause Some Serious Property Damage.

Even if you are not physically injured or cause harm to others, you might hit costly objects that can result in the loss of thousands of dollars. It is risky not only to cause damage to your property but also to hit other stationary objects or cause damage to other properties.

8. You Might Injure A Child.

As per some reports, drink driving has killed hundreds of children each year. In some years, there have been more than a thousand deaths of children in motor vehicle accidents. Most of these accidents have been fatal, and they involved a driver who consumed alcohol.

There have been cases where children who were pedestrians or riding a bike were struck by a driver who had a blood alcohol concentration level of 0.08 or more than that. You wouldn’t want to consume alcohol while driving and accidentally injure a child.

9. You, Will, Set A Bad Example For Others, And That Includes Your Family.

Drinking and driving do more than just put you and others on the road at risk; it also creates a bad impression on your family. It may let your loved ones know that drinking and driving are acceptable. When you fail to hold a safe standard for yourself, you indicate to those dear to you that there is no problem with drinking and driving.

Before hiring criminal defence lawyers, you need to decide that if you care about the lives of your children, family and friends, you need to ensure that you do not drink and drive simultaneously. You need to clarify that drinking and driving together are unacceptable.

What Are Some Dangers of Drinking While Driving?

Some of the dangers associated with drink driving are as follows:

1. There Is Reduced Concentration

Driving needs you to have a high level of concentration, and your brain might be affected by alcohol in terms of concentration. It can also increase the risks of accidents.

2. There Will Be A Lack Of Coordination.

Heavy drinking can affect not only your drinking but also your foot, eye and hand coordination.

3. Your Vision Will Be Reduced.

When you consume a great amount of alcohol, the efficiency of your vision might be affected.

4. Your Responses Will Be Slower.

Drinking might be able to affect your response-ability, and when you consume a high level of alcohol, your brain’s ability to process a specific situation may be affected.

5. You May Not Be Able To Judge Properly.

Consuming alcohol to a great extent might lessen your ability to judge certain circumstances, and your judgment will be clouded.

What Are Drink Driving Lawyers?

Drink-driving lawyers in Perth are the lawyers who can help you fight against cases that include driving under the influence of alcohol. Depending on the blood alcohol level you have, you can face small fines to larger penalties. Your licence can be canceled if you are caught by the police again and again for drink driving offences.

Your lawyer can help you fight against such charges if you are guilty. They can provide you with good guidance in case of such an offence. Before you hire such a lawyer in Perth, you need to research the best lawyers available in your area.

What Are The Services Provided By Drink Driving Lawyers?

A drink driving lawyer or criminal defence lawyer can help you fight against any driving offence. Some of the responsibilities of such lawyers are:

  • These types of lawyers can arrange for the bail of people behind bars.
  • The drink driving lawyer can prepare all the legal documents.
  • A lawyer who has experience can arrange proper evidence via their skills. It is their duty to prove your innocence and clear you off all charges.

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Reputed Drink Driving Lawyer In Perth?

If you are accused of a drink driving case and feel like there is no hope left, you need to hire a qualified lawyer. It can be an accident, drink driving, rash driving or other offences; a good lawyer can help you come out from the clutches of law.

The best lawyers can help you by offering the best advice and can properly represent you in court. Some of the benefits of hiring a drink-driving lawyer are as follows:

1. Experience And Knowledge:

The best lawyers have great knowledge of criminal law and also understand how the court system runs. The top lawyers also have relationships with the prosecutors, police and judges and can also negotiate with them. They can effectively use their connections for the benefit of their clients.

2. Proper And Legal Guidance:

Criminal law in Australia is quite complicated, and this is why only the best lawyers can guide people via hearings, paperwork and testimony preparations to ensure that they can get the best assistance and advice. Other than that, a lawyer can also offer guidance to you to ensure that nothing compromises your case.

3. Research And Cost-Effective Fees:

Many criminal cases need to be researched properly. The best criminal defence lawyers can help review all the evidence, conduct the necessary research and locate the witnesses to make your case stronger. The best part about this is that most lawyers charge affordable fees.

4. Getting Sentence Reduced:

The penalties that are issued for DUI cases can vary from one case to another. If you are an offender for the first time, you may be looking for a more lenient penalty. But if you commit the same thing again and again, you may have to face some serious charges such as sentences or penalties.

You should not underestimate how serious a case can be, as this can only lead you to get more severely punished. When you look to work with the best lawyer, you will enjoy more chances of getting your sentence reduced and for a milder penalty.

But an important thing you must remember is that the actual sentence will be based on your situation. The lawyers you hire will do everything you can to reduce the punishment. In some cases, the experts can also help get your case completely dismissed. As you can see, working with expert lawyers can provide you with a lot of benefits.

Contact Criminal Defence Lawyers Perth WA

If you have been accused of drinking while driving or other offences and the case is serious, you will need the assistance of a lawyer. The best lawyers can not only help to reduce your punishment but may even be able to dismiss your case entirely. To acquire the best lawyers to fight your case, contact criminal defence lawyers Perth WA; they are a reputed firm that can provide you with the best lawyers to fight your case.

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